0034 FILM Sayer_2_2Hi again everyone.  Just to let you know, we are also starting to work on designing publicity post cards, etc..  We just bought AbandonMEmovie.com and will begin designing it over the next month.

It is hard times all over, but we are still trying to raise funds for the final timing and HD scan.  Keep the faith!  If you know anyone who can donate, spread the word.  Thanks!

(By the way, what do you think of this image for T-shirts?)

Almost there.

It’s been just a year since we shot the film, and you all may be wondering where things are at.  Right now we are working on sound design, recording music, which results finally in a sound mix.  When these aspects are complete, and we have our final version we will be spending time raising money for our HD scan and edit.  The film is now longer than expected (20 minutes) which adds to our finishing costs.  Everything is going really well however, only taking more time, which never happens as you know in indie films. GetImage-83GetImage-71


We are on the edge of our seats to get this done!

Newer Trailer

Music credit: Jelloslave

Dailies, Dailies, Dailies

Dave Sweet at Pixel Farm ~ our colorist

Happy again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yahoo! For Pixel Farm

My Head is Reeling!

Almost there.  Transfer is set up for Monday and possibly part of Tuesday.  My head is reeling from all the decisions etc..Hope to settle down soon.  Anyone is welcome to the transfer.  Call me for details.  Sayer

Change of Plans

The Negative Ready to be Shipped ~~~~Not!

The Negative Ready to be Shipped ~~~~Not!

Ok.  Things change.  This past week, the Hurricane in Texas made insurance policies jump.  We were all set to ship, and then there were no companies signing policies, so we waited…and waited.

Ok, now…that we can get a policy it’s $1000.00, plus $800.00 from FEDEX, the only shipper I feel I can trust.  But, FEDEX no longer insures film negative or anything over $500, for that matter, and the company they use, is busy with hurricanes.

Ok.  So, maybe this week is telling us something.

Maybe we’re processing in town, and saving all that money for better things.  We have many expenses to go, and if we finish the Digital Intermediate at Wei’s Lab, Postworks in NYC, we’ve got some dough to deal with.  Ok.  So, the other thing is Postworks didn’t offer to store our humble negative in NYC, until we could get back there in 5 months.  That felt like the deal breaker, so I’m sorry Wei, we’re processing and doing our video dailies in Minneapolis, with Minneapolis H2O.  At least that’s what we’re doing this Monday.  Everybody still keep hugging the film though until we get past this one hurdle!  Thanks!

Time to ship finally.

Everybody hope for the best, please.  Bless this negative as it travels FedEx to New York so that it is not wounded, x-rayed, or dropped.

Everybody put out a big giant hug around the negative, and protect it on it’s way.

We need all your positive thoughts on this!


Thank you.